The Station

Visitors are treated to a spectacular landscape alive with the forms and hues unique to FLOCKHILL’s remote location.

At Flock Hill Station, a team of experienced shepherds and their dogs play an integral role. Shepherds are often seen navigating the large blocks on horseback, rounding up sheep and overseeing the wellbeing of the land and all its inhabitants.

A year in the life of a FLOCKHILL shepherd is always controlled by the seasons. Each season brings its own set of priorities, from mustering to shearing, lambing to weaning, drenching to winter feeding. A 500-hectare crop of lucerne is cultivated on the station for farm feed and local trade; an ever-changing ‘cut and carry’ operation that supports life both inside and outside the vast property. 

Every task at Flock Hill Station is completed with care, kindness and respect. The sheep produce mid-micron wool, ZQ certified to provide confidence to consumers that animal welfare, social responsibility and environmental integrity standards are met. There is a significant focus on sustainability and an environmental plan in place with a triple-A audit grade, demonstrating that auditors have full confidence in our adherence to the ZQ Standard.