Our Conservation Story

FLOCKHILL has an important vision. A vision for all people to experience the rich history and seamless integration of people together with farming and nature. 

Flock Hill Station is a unique environment which transcends lifetimes, and our natural amenity is the heart of the property. Guests of FLOCKHILL are fully exposed to the union of nature and human use. The sharing of all that FLOCKHILL strives to leave behind for future generations to enjoy. 

There are a series of sustainability initiatives in place at FLOCKHILL to ensure employees and guests protect the environment that surrounds us. Additional activities work to restore and build resilience in parts of the landscape at risk of degradation or extreme weather events. 


Flock Hill Station shares ZQ values. We are a part of a brand and supply chain that care about the way wool is produced. We care about our animals, the land and the people behind it. ZQ Merino is the world’s leading ethical wool. Ethical, Sustainable, Traceable.


Our diverse landscape sustains a variety of important ecosystems, and we’re working hard to support a healthy and sustainable balance.

Environmental Initiatives

We prioritise the protection of our environment, with initiatives in place to minimise our footprint, raise awareness and make an impact in our community.

Waste Management

We’re conscious and careful of the waste we produce and how it impacts our planet.