Your stay at FLOCKHILL is complemented by dining options tailored to your needs and preferences.

The Homestead

A personal chef and attendant are at hand to provide you with fresh, nourishing meals at the times of your choosing, with changing daily menus featuring seasonal, home-grown and locally-made ingredients. A full selection of cold and hot beverages, fresh fruit and other wholesome bites are available at all times, helping to sustain you between meals. Mini bars are also located in the bedrooms, offering another way to access refreshments when peace and privacy are paramount. Dining areas within FLOCKHILL Homestead are both varied and plentiful. The kitchen and dining rooms offer a welcoming space where large groups can gather and enjoy meals together with the ambience of a roaring fireplace. There are large outdoor living and dining spaces around FLOCKHILL Homestead that showcase the alpine backdrop - one with a sheltered barbeque area and the other overlooking the private spa, pool and firepit. Soak up the last of the sun before it sinks behind the mountains and enjoy the warmth and ambience of the roaring fireplace as the evening cools and night time falls.

Sugarloaf at FLOCKHILL

Carefully crafted, open-flame dining. Savour and celebrate the primal art of cooking at Sugarloaf.

The FLOCKHILL gardens are a key component of Sugarloaf’s dynamic and seasonally responsible menu. What we harvest, we serve within hours. The surplus, we preserve. Our menu remains local year-round with few exceptions.

Heavy and attentive prep makes for simple dishes where complex flavours gradually develop and showcase the best of New Zealand’s produce and protein. Delight in a refined cuisine emersed in the FLOCKHILL wilderness.

Opening Late 2024