Refined Wilderness

FLOCKHILL Lodge | Craigieburn Valley | New Zealand


A journey, an inspiration, a reprieve from the ordinary.

We welcome those who have an adventurous spirit and a refined taste to delight in the FLOCKHILL experience. FLOCKHILL's Alpine Lodge is nestled within the station’s sprawling landscape, overseen by The Homestead - a silent witness to life in the majestic Southern Alps


A silent witness to life in the majestic Southern Alps.

A working sheep station of 36,000 acres, FLOCKHILL is hidden in the Craigieburn Valley in New Zealand’s South Island.

The landscape at FLOCKHILL has unique flora, fauna and threatened species that are only found this far above sea level.

There are a series of sustainability initiatives in place at our alpine lodge to ensure staff and guests protect the environment that surrounds us.


Experience a true luxury escape in every sense of the phrase.

The Homestead sits proudly yet peacefully in an elevated position in the centre of a valley, attuned to the surrounding wilderness and bearing witness to undisturbed life in the Southern Alps.