Spotlight Series | Lodge Manager

POSTED BY Sandra Cullen on June 28, 2023

LIFE is partly measured and guided by those who are around you. Everyone you meet has a special connection with you…with that in mind there will be things you do not know about them. Let’s have a bit of investigative fun and share our FLOCKHILL selves with you.

Candidate one.

Lodge manager

What is breakfast like in the morning?

Tend to only eat breakfast for lunch – homemade muesli, yoghurt and fruit - seasonal fruits, there is nothing better. So in answer to your question - Coffee.
Morning Tea - Coffee, if you are interested. But…there is always a but. I like a cooked breakfast on my days off.

What makes your day better?

Consistency, an even keel, everyone happy in their space means happy days.

Favourite sport?

Football definitely MUFC. It can lead to sleepless nights if I have to wait for an early morning game…English for 21 years, Kiwi for a lot more than that. Its inbred I believe. (I also like to watch anything else my kids are involved in.)

Is there anything that comes to mind that you will not do?

Eat Feijoas, you either love them or you hate them. I’m a hater.

Who would you like to meet that’s famous and why?

David Robert Jones, he was a big part of my life through his music. First large concert I saw was David in June 1978. I saw him 3 times after that. The Hunky Dory album I bought when I was 11.
Why would I like to meet him? …just because he is David Bowie, one of the most influential musicians in the 20th century. I loved that he reinvented himself, we could all do with doing that at some time in our lives.