Getting Here

POSTED BY Sandra Cullen on August 23, 2023

GETTING HERE is not a difficult task and the journey is not just a transfer but a transformation - transporting you into our world.

Drive 90 minutes from Christchurch Airport, take the Alpine Express through Flock Hill Station, or helicopter- landing on the top of the Knoll surrounded by mountainous landscape.

It is this mountainous landscape that made life difficult for the early settlers. In the 18th century, greenstone was a major resource and was traded between the west and east coast. The trails that were mapped by early Māori were called the Pounamu trails. It is from this comprehensive understanding of the alpine passes that the first roads were built.

The Great Alpine Highway was started in 1858, with the first coach run in March 1866. A single Cobb and Co. coach fare was 18 pounds, 6 ounces of gold or six weeks wages. Coach traveller tips were provided to make travel more comfortable for all. As advanced as we think we have become we should probably adhere to these today:

“Don’t discuss politics or religion, nor point out places where accidents have occurred or where murders have been committed.”