Curated Experiences

At FLOCKHILL, we transcend the conventional boundaries of hospitality, curating a stay that is as remarkable as it is immersive.

Every facet of our lodge is meticulously designed to envelop our esteemed guests in an atmosphere of unmatched luxury, and our dedication to extraordinary experiences is no exception. Whether you seek a rejuvenating escape amidst nature's tranquillity, a journey through exquisite gastronomy, or an adventure that stirs the soul, our curated experiences are designed to inspire and cater to the most refined tastes. Each is a testament to our dedication, ensuring that your stay is not merely a retreat but a symphony of moments tailored exclusively for you.

Uncover the possibilities that await with the sample below, a glimpse into what your FLOCKHILL trip could look like.

Summer | 3-5 Days


ARRIVE at 3pm with a personal induction to FLOCKHILL, a welcome drink, and all its offerings.
AFTERNOON | Venture out into our backyard for a guided hike and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the landscape, breathe deep the fresh mountain air and delight your senses. View and photograph our wilderness and store your images as memories to share.


MORNING | Take a unique tour of extensive farming where the focus is on the station’s creatures, critters, and their habitat, which is both informative and interactive, giving insight into high country living. 
AFTERNOON | Jump on an e-bike and immerse yourself in nature with the help of a guide who will navigate FLOCKHILL wilderness giving you the freedom to own your experience.


MORNING | Our biodiversity guide will lead you through our biodiversity and sustainability program so you too can enjoy our precious natural values.
AFTERNOON | In our refined wilderness there is an abundance of wildness that can be captured to enrich the simplest foods. Through the gathering, the preparation, and the coaxing of ingredients you can become your own artisan cook. 


MORNING | The FLOCKHILL Boulder hike is intriguing and remarkable, it will captivate you as you climb your way to the escarpment to overlook the depths of the station. This is where you can rest to take in the 360-degree views of mountain ranges, basins, limestone outcrops and pastures.  
AFTERNOON | Stand-up paddleboarding on Moana Rua is a relaxed activity. You can take time to improve your balance and strength and yet be very aware of your sanctuary-like surroundings.


MORNING | Cave Stream is a scenic reserve set amongst limestone outcrops. Bracing the chilled deepening water, you venture upstream, climbing over smoothed boulders and a waterfall. 
AFTERNOON | Horse Trekking is an activity we envisage will be for all ages and abilities. Station-bred horses are chosen for their temperament, steady gait, and sure-footedness. 

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