Corporate Retreats at FLOCKHILL's Homestead

POSTED BY Sandra Cullen on September 06, 2023

FLOCKHILL corporate retreat carries connotations of both work and pleasure. Our first ‘local’ corporate event confirmed this idea, offering a great escape to achieve a true balance.

The journey to FLOCKHILL is an experience in itself, whether you’re flying over or driving through the Southern Alps of Aotearoa, the backbone of New Zealand. It’s an experience worthy of the trip.

Selecting from high country station activities and being guided within FLOCKHILL’s 36000 acres brings a business perspective while blending history, sustainability, and regeneration. This allows for an informative and enjoyable experience. All FLOCKHILL activities ground you and help you realise your surroundings.

The Homestead’s architecture, quality, and luxurious contemporary comfort, combined with excellent wines and dining options, all extend a warm welcome to FLOCKHILL, where generous hospitality resides.

Striving for an equal balance of work and pleasure- isn’t this what life should be?