Bucket List Experiences

POSTED BY Sandra Cullen on September 20, 2023

Everyone should have a bucket list. What inspires you? Is it a childhood fantasy, a goal to achieve, or an experience to fulfil? Your bucket list should consist of things that will enrich your life and hold a special meaning for you. Happiness and life satisfaction are the ultimate goals.

Creating a bucket list may require a touch of bravery - drawing inspiration and finding the motivation to bring your list to life. The act of creating and executing your bucket list is a journey.

FLOCKHILL’s aptly named Winding Stream is a destination for many fly fishermen’s bucket lists. The challenge, variety, scenery, and exclusivity all contribute to the angler’s dream. Winding Stream is one of five main Salmon spawning streams that feed into the Waimakariri River, flowing like an artery from the heart of the land. Salmon, Rainbow Trout, and Wild Brown Trout inhabit these mountain waters. If you’re a less experienced angler, FLOCKHILL has several lakes, including Porter and Broken River which are welcome spots for a fly-fishing tutorial – after all, bucket lists are meant to encourage challenge.