A signature Flockhill experience

Flock Hill Station has thousands of Merino-Romney robust sheep and one of the station’s key tasks is to muster. This is gathering flocks to longer pasture, herding livestock into yards, and rounding up a mob from high country scrub and tussock- the motives are constant. The great kiwi muster cannot be performed without the farmer and his dogs, they come as a package deal. The gang consists of the New Zealand Heading Dog, bred from Border Collies- a working and herding dog that uses its visual prowess, intelligence, and quick movement to control sheep, and the New Zealand Huntaway- our very own Indigenous dog, bred for its intelligence, loyalty, and bark. They work as a team with their unique commands and whistles. 

Experience a scenic journey into the back blocks of the station where you will get an appreciation for New Zealand’s legendary farming heritage. Spend time with the animals, learn the tricks of a dog whistle, and watch as the dogs muster a mob of sheep. You will find this activity both informative and interactive- sharing with you the station’s history, life today, and our biodiversity plan. A signature Flockhill experience.