FLOCKHILL Station as it is today was originally a part of the Craigieburn Run, established by a wealthy Australian immigrant named Joseph Hawdon in 1857.

A homestead was constructed on the property in 1857 and in 1865 the first road was established to take horse-drawn coaches from East to West. In 1917, James Milliken IV named the station when it was eventually split from the Craigieburn Run. He called it Flock Hill after the scattered limestone rocks at Cave Stream that resemble distant flocks of sheep.  

FLOCKHILL Station has transitioned through various owners and welcomed visitors from many walks of life.  The property has also weathered many storms over more than a century, from the destructive floods of 1868 to the heavy snow season of 1992. The stories of FLOCKHILL Station have been shared over generations and remain alive today. Some are tragic, some humorous, some culturally significant and others testament to the strength and resilience of the property and its custodians.