Angling is a way of relaxing and escaping in the wilderness.

Our seasoned guide will take you on a fishing expedition that is unique to FLOCKHILL. FLOCKHILL is suited to both learners and the more experienced angler - The Porter &  Broken River are welcome spots for a fly-fishing tutorial while the aptly named Winding Stream is more challenging. Winding Stream is one of five main salmon spawning streams feeding into the Waimakariri river which flows like an artery from the heart of the land. Salmon, Rainbow Trout and Wild Brown Trout habitat these mountain waters. 

The fly fishing season in the South Island starts in October – Spring brings sunshine and long days. Fishing licenses are available until 30th April - in Autumn. 

The Southern Alps is an area of many lakes and streams that enables you to experience the most appropriate fly fishing destination according to your angling experience, current weather patterns, river flow rates, and levels of fitness. You have access to other wilderness mountain streams by heading into the back country by helicopter. Discover untouched New Zealand with the anticipation of catching sly back country fish. 

Winding Stream is also habitat for our native Longfin Eel and Upland Bully.