Our diverse landscape sustains a variety of important ecosystems, and we’re working hard to support a healthy and sustainable balance.

Ecological investigations have revealed that FLOCKHILL is home too many endangered, threatened, rare and specialised species of flora and fauna. We have significant diversity; our landscape is comprised of sweeping tussock land, mixed native areas, grasslands, cultivated pasture, lucerne, rock lands, limestone outcrops and dense beech forest. And sustaining our landscape and life on FLOCKHILL are our mesmerising rivers and flourishing wetlands. 

Each unique ecosystem provides habitat for wildlife including birds, skinks, geckos and native swimmers. Every species and every aspect of our landscape plays a part in supporting the delicate balance here at FLOCKHILL, but action is necessary to sustain biodiversity into the future and protect our endemic species. Our aim is to establish and maintain indigenous dominance to drive evolution back to its original state. 

FLOCKHILL’s biodiversity and sustainability program facilitates better enjoyment of our precious natural values. 

Click to download our Biodiversity Plan.