“Walking is a man’s best medicine” - Hippocrates

Take things one step at a time along the handpicked trails of the station. Venture out into our backyard and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the landscape, breathe deep the fresh mountain air and delight your senses.  View and photograph our wilderness and store your images as memories to share with those you love.

The Waterfall trail leads from the Lodge at the base of Broken Hill overlooking pasture and tussock. It brings you through shrub and the tangle branched, extremely thorny Matagouri (an endemic plant of New Zealand) where the incline increases. With greywacke underfoot, a rock that makes up the backbone of New Zealand you are led to the first of two waterfalls.

Lake Pearson – Ōpōrea is a high-country lake in the Waimakariri basin on the edge of Flock Hill Station. It is also known as Moana Rua. For early local Māori it was known as a mahinga kai– a food bowl site. Today it is a wildlife refuge for the Southern Crested Grebe. Māori call the protected surviving birds Kāmana and regard them as taonga/treasure. Mackinaw (Lake trout), Brown trout and Rainbow trout are Moana Rua residents. 

Lake Moana Rua has a depth of 17.5 metres, an area of 201.9 hectares, sitting at an altitude of 603 meters. 


The Avoca Coal Mine hike is part of FLOCKHILL Station history. The 9.5 km track has been reinstated on FLOCKHILL Station by a tramping group of 60- 70-year-olds. This is not to say it is an easy climb to meet Geraldine who still resides on the hill. She is a Krauss steam locomotive who has been settled in the area since 1915. There are other remains of the coal mining history that bring to light how treacherous and difficult life could be in the depths of the high country.

There is no WIFI in the back and beyond but you will make a better connection. 

The FLOCKHILL Boulders are well known amongst the rock-climbing community worldwide. But you do not have to be a keen rock climber to enjoy the trifecta field, split apple field or the badlands. This is a rare opportunity to have an exceptional hike amid nature's monuments. The FLOCKHILL Boulder fields are intriguing and remarkable, they will captivate you as you climb your way to the Escarpment to overlook the depths of the station. This is where you can rest to take in the 360-degree views of mountain ranges, basins, limestone outcrops and pasture.

As you ramble you may suffer from ‘Face Pareidolia’ – the phenomenon of seeing faces in everyday objects. 

Sturdy footwear and an extra layer of clothing are recommended.