A man’s best friend - the four legged hairy hound is to be admired, always wanting to please. The working dog is no different. A dog's day out!

Huntaways and Heading dogs are vital members of the FLOCKHILL Station workforce. You have the opportunity to be in amongst the mob and watch the herding dogs use their visual prowess, intelligence and quick movement to control the flock. 

With perfect timing you will be picked up for a helicopter flight over the back reaches of Flock Hill Station to the heart of Canterbury’s limestone country to the truffière - Kings Truffles. 

Freddy, Moose and Snoop will welcome you along with a human family member to be part of a truffle hunt. The working dog who sniffs out the buried bounty receives a treat of his own providing you with a truffle treat to be brought back to the FLOCKHILL Homestead for a refined lunch.

The training never stops. In the off season the truffle dogs practice with truffle baits.