Say yes to new adventures.

Visitors are treated to a spectacular landscape alive with the forms and hues unique to FLOCKHILL’s remote location. See the whispering brown tussock contrast against the meandering blue rivers. Watch the glowing sun set behind the striking silhouette of the mountains. 


A flight through the Waimakariri river gorge is a delight on its own – add a canyon safari jetboat experience and verbs come to mind. Excite, exhilarate, energize. Skim the turquoise waters, get close and personal with cascading waterfalls, marvel at towering cliff faces. This experience offers a diverse combination of a scenic sensory experience and a physical sensation.

Excitement recedes and pleasure follows. A picnic on Chest peak in the foothills of the Southern Alps, leaves you fulfilled and smiling.



A sudden feeling of excitement or pleasure.